2020.11.25 First-person View Request Chatting


〔0:05〕Good job today.I’m Kurumi-Otonasi, who wants to provide fun and healing to everyone and make them feel good.Please feel free to comment as if you were talking to a friend.But you can’t comment that the management might get angry. Let’s make it a place where everyone can enjoy and heal together.
〔0:35〕Today, youtube always delivers from a frontal perspective, and niconico delivers from a first-person perspective.
〔1:00〕With that kind of feeling, today’s first frame is not ASMR, but it is a binaural delivery. It is recommended to wear earphones to listen.
〔1:35〕So thank you for the 60,000 people, 60,000 youtube subscribers, and 5,000 niconico community members.
〔2:00〕I will continue to do my best. It’s been a long time, I started broadcasting at this time. It’s been a while since I haven’t delivered part 1 and part 2 in a two-part system for a while. I want to do my best.
〔2:20〕There have been a lot of things lately, so I couldn’t make a schedule. Partly because I’m not feeling well.
〔2:35〕After all it is dark from the front. It’s a little dark, the shades are a little dull. I made various adjustments, but something went wrong. I think it will change to a good feeling soon, so please enjoy the images from this camera for a while. Ah, youtube side. niconico side is usually okay. Thank you for waiting and commenting before it started.
〔3:20〕Thank you. I don’t know what to say in English. Thank you for celebrating. Thank you for Spacha. Thank you for Spacha. Thank you.
〔4:10〕It’s really hot. The room was a little cold so I always turn on the heating. However, when the streaming starts, it gets hot all at once. Even with such light clothes. Even light clothes can get very hot. I don’t feel too cold during the streaming. It’s a very good season to do ASMR. Because I don’t have to turn on the heating. Speaking of noise, only the sound of a computer fan. It’s like that.
〔4:55〕I’d like to do ASMR in Part 2 from 10 o’clock, so please look forward to it. Thank you for coming to the regulars and those who came for the first time. Have fun.
〔5:25〕I don’t think I can pick up all the comments. However, I would like to pick up the comments that I noticed as much as possible. I wonder if 100,000 registrants are coming. However, the number of registrants is decreasing because it hasn’t been distributed so much recently. The number that goes into a month. But now, I’d like to give priority to physical condition management rather than daily life. I want to talk about that too.
〔6:35〕I want to do Tifa-chan’s cosplay again, by streaming. Today’s clothes are familiar clothes. But I didn’t wear this recently. Today, I often say “I don’t know how to say it “. I haven’t worn it recently, and I haven’t worn it yet from this first person perspective. I want to wear something that I don’t wear in the first person. Some people want to see other outfits, so please look forward to wearing them later. Stay tuned for it. It might be Tifa-chan’s cosplay or 2B’s cosplay. I’d like to wear those costumes from a first-person perspective. Also uniforms, cardigans. I would like to wear a knit cardigan or something different from summer and deliver it differently. I’ll wear a uniform too. JK uniform.
〔8:20〕After all, this camera is okay, but this one. Well, it will be okay soon. I’m not saying it clearly.
〔8:45〕The one without a skirt. I thought this outfit was more cute if I didn’t wear a skirt. That’s right. Thank you. Thank you.
〔9:35〕By the way, recently I changed my daily life, or a little eating habit. I tried not to eat calorie mate as much as possible and tried to eat a little meal-like meal. If I do that, I feel like I’m feeling better. Don’t just rely on CalorieMate. It doesn’t seem that just getting nourishment is okay. How to get nutrition is important. It seems that get only nutrition does’t mean good . I’m recovering profits. I tried to eat properly. But it’s just a simple meal. It’s just a simple dish. Still, it takes a lot of time. Because there are things like washing dishes. It takes the longest time to do that. I guess there are some people for whom calorie mates are enough nutrition. Maybe there are some suspicions that CalorieMate doesn’t suit my constitution. It seems that it’s better not to eat Calorie Mate. I guess it’s because I don’t eat Calorie Mate and I eat properly. Well, today I ate rice properly in the morning, noon, and night. You might be told, “You haven’t eaten rice before.” I didn’t eat much. First of all, breakfast was Calorie Mate. After all I have to eat rice. Um, I like umeboshi. I like the combination of umeboshi and seaweed, and umeboshi and tororo kombu. It’s sweet, isn’t it? Isn’t Tororo Kombu and Nori seaweed sweet? It’s sweet, isn’t it? And it’s said that the slightly sour taste of umeboshi goes well with it. That’s why I like that combination. I didn’t go to the hospital. It’s like that normally, and if you change what you eat, it feels like something is going well.
〔13:30〕That’s why I’m in good shape. It’s okay, but it seems that I spend more time in my daily life. I’m sorry I couldn’t deliver it after all. Please wait a little longer. It takes a lot of time to upload members-only videos to Fantia and Ci-en. That is right. That is right. Actually, I give a wallpaper only to members every month, but you can see that the image of the sample wallpaper is included in the free plan for both Fantia and ci-en. So there is a band for the sample, but if you like, please check it out.You can see that we are making a wallpaper like this.
〔14:55〕Then I ate bacon and eggs. I’m definitely eating miso soup for dinner. Maitake mushroom and tofu miso soup. I like it, I really like it. My favorite miso soup is tofu and maitake mushrooms or tofu and nameko. While saying that I like it the most, I’m saying two things. I really like those two. Thank you, everyone in the world. Thank you very much. There was a sound from the joints. That’s right, it’s like that. Like that, I like mushrooms. I like mushrooms, I like nameko.
〔16:30〕Thank you for coming a lot. As I said earlier. Now good pronunciation or bad Well simply I think bad. But Well aside. Thanks for coming. Have fun. Am i beautiful? Thank you. Does my voice calm down? to relax? Thank you. happy. That’s right. Can I say it properly? Can I say it properly? Maybe OK? Maybe OK.
〔18:30〕Yes, it’s a request chat. I think it was written on the thumbnail, but is it okay? I’m waiting for your request because it’s a request chat. Questions, lines, poses, and so on
〔19:10〕I wonder I was going to say what? Ah, the official website hasn’t been updated much recently, but I’m thinking about adding a volunteer item. Actually, I make various things behind the scenes. I think it will come out soon, and if you like, please register if you are interested. Feel free to do it. Good evening. Where should I look at this?
〔20:00〕Rice or bread? Which carbohydrate do you take if it’s rice, bread or noodles? I like rice the most. But I also eat bread. Well, I like noodles too, but maybe that order. I wonder if I will eat rice, noodles, and bread in that order.
〔20:35〕I’ve received comments from people all over the world, and they write various words in the comments, and I always translate them into Japanese at DeepL and read them. Thank you very much. So, I think I understand a little better now.Everyone is in trouble even if asked. I hope I can understand it. Hi, thank you.
〔21:30〕If I don’t eat carbohydrates, I feel like my body can’t sustain itself. Good evening.
〔22:00〕Yes, I pronounce it, though I’m not even sure I’m reading it correctly. Thank you. Good evening, and thank you on the niconico side.
〔22:40〕I don’t like foods like konbu maki and scallops. It’s not that all shellfish are bad, but I don’t like the look of scallops. I think that’s why I don’t like them. I think I just don’t eat them because of their appearance. I guess I’m just not fond of them. No, I’ve eaten it a long time ago, but I didn’t think it was so delicious, scallops.
〔24:00〕Primera. Thank you for watching me. You mean before the first half, right? What was it? First half, first half, first half, first half.
〔24:45〕Please tell me if there is a song you would recommend to everyone as a song to listen to in the cold season. There is nothing in particular. I think everyone should listen to their favorite songs. I don’t listen to music just because it’s a cold season. I guess I’ll listen to what I like at the time.
〔25:15〕long time no see. Thank you. Some people haven’t seen it in a long time. Is my delivery itself the first delivery in a long time? long time no see. It’s been a long time. It’s delivered about once a week, right now.
〔25:35〕I can eat only scallops. Maybe I’m not good at the unique flavor.
〔25:55〕Hmmm, but is it delicious with butter? It may be delicious. I haven’t eaten much, yeah. Oysters may not be very good at it either. Well, the first time I ate it was oyster tempura, which wasn’t delicious. I feel that tempura is completely useless. Good morning.
〔27:05〕Did you see me for the first time? I don’t understand the context. Is it the first time in a while to deliver a chat?
〔27:40〕I haven’t seen it yet. It looks like I’m doing that now, but I haven’t seen the one before that. It’s like I’ve only known the name.
〔28:20〕No, I don’t understand the meaning even if I translate it. Maybe it’s impossible even in English? I wonder what about? Thanks. Thanks for your comment. That Japanese subtitles are automatically generated, and maybe because my voice isn’t smooth, the automatic subtitles aren’t picked up correctly. But when I read a letter on the radio, it picked up to some extent. I wonder if the pronunciation or the way of speaking is different. So I wonder if auto-generation can’t be used for subtitles somehow. For foreigners. Is there anything that people who are watching from overseas can translate it by doing something like automatic generation of Japanese? I’m wondering if there is one, and I’ll do my best to pronounce it.
〔30:00〕That’s good. I say “Umewa”. Everyone thinks you’re not cooking. Just like Ignis, put your hand on your chin and think about it, and when you decide on a recipe or menu, just tap your finger and want to start cooking.
〔30:30〕I wonder if it’s about the length of an over knee or a thigh. When I bend my legs, it comes down, but it’s quite long. It’s so long. Of such That’s right.
〔30:55〕The taste of escargot? I don’t remember the taste.
〔31:05〕My hair is very long. This outfit, this one. I feel cute and sexy in this. Want to see Samne pose? Samne pose, is that okay?
〔31:45〕By the way, is it still being delivered? It is ok, is not it. If the delivery is banned, youtube will end. I hope it’s okay.
〔32:05〕I’m also afraid that oysters are prone to food poisoning. Recently, I’ve been playing a lot of social games such as smartphone games and social games. But there is no game that I’m addicted to. Genshin also plays only with distribution. Wait a minute, Samne pose.
〔32:50〕I read this too, just now. Thank you.
〔33:00〕Well, the time I make up is about 30 minutes if I do it quickly. I wonder if I spend about that much time on makeup. I haven’t been so particular about makeup these days. Arknights’ crisis contract couldn’t be cleared because it couldn’t lap automatically. Is this all right? Yup?
〔33:50〕What’s going on with this, my clothes? What’s going on with my clothes? this? this? Is this okay? Is it okay? Wait a minute. What’s going on? Thank you very much.
〔34:30〕Um. There is an English sentence before translation. After a busy day, there seems to be nothing better than listening to your ASMR. Thank you very much. I am honored. It is also difficult to automatically make Japanese subtitles. But when I’m reading the letter on the radio, it works pretty well. Because you can subtitle it nicely. After all, I thought it was quite dependent on the pronunciation. It doesn’t really pick me up when I’m talking normally. Correctly. I wonder what it is already. I wonder why.
〔36:00〕That’s right, this niconico camera is better. It’s expensive. It costs more than double. That’s why.
〔36:20〕Fine? Did I hide it well? Wasn’t it Mietenai? Was good.
〔36:40〕You can listen and understand Japanese. That’s great. Japanese is difficult because its grammar is different from most foreign languages.
〔37:00〕Did I hide it perfectly? Was it perfect?
〔37:05〕I see, my usual voice is a lot of sighs. There may be that too. Hmm.
〔37:20〕Nice to meet you, my name is Otonasi-kurumi.
〔37:30〕I really hit the camera, is that okay? Fine?
〔37:35〕My name is Kurumi-Otonasi. The order of Japanese passport, surname, and first name changes, isn’t it? It changes in the order of family name and first name. Will it change? It was already changed? Which one? Somehow, the order of surname-first name is always worrisome. First name-last name order, relatively in many countries around the world. It seems that the order is the most in the world, so I often say Kurumi-Otonasi in the order of first name-family name. I heard that the order of officially issued items in Japan changes in the order of surname and first name. Do not know? Do not know? Do not know? Or rather, am I saying a hoax? this. Common sense, now. Hey. I don’t know at all. It seems like that. It seems to be. That’s why, but I still want to use the order of names that is easy for people in the world to understand. Well, in Japanese, it’s usually in the order of Otonasi-kurumi, but people in China and Korea can understand it. Or rather in the Far East of Asia or in the East Asian area? I don’t know the classification of the sorry area at all. In East Asia, the order is family name and first name, maybe.Wait a minute. Um, maybe to China. Genghis Khan and Kublai Khan are famous in Mongolia. The fact that Han is common and the Chinggis and Kublai in front of it are different is probably because of that, the order of the first name and the family name. Like Japan, the northern limit of the surname-first name order is China. I was interested in that.
〔40:55〕A mysterious language that says “I wasn’t Mietenai”. It’s strange even in Japanese. The state of not being “mietenai” is the state of being visible. The meaning of Mietenai is “visible”. Yup? It’s an illustration of thumbnails, that’s right, it’s amazing who thought about how to express that Mietenai. In two dimensions. Because the angle of 2D is constant unlike that of 3D. I think I should hide it with my legs. It’s a cartoon expression. That’s amazing. In my case, I can hide it because it has a hem here.
〔42:10〕Oh yeah, that kind of relationship. That’s right, but I feel that if the other person doesn’t get it, it’s meaningless. So I’ll follow the most likely idea. Because I want to convey my thoughts.
〔42:45〕Nico Nico has a different screen from youtube. Mostly there is a difference. With that youtube, even if I move from side to side, I don’t think the image and sound will be so realistic. With niconico, you can feel my presence on the right side when I move to the right, and you can really feel my presence on the left side when I move to the left. You will feel me far away when I leave the screen like this. You can feel my voice in the distance.That’s the good thing about the first-person perspective.
〔43:35〕”Mietenai” is really too complicated, isn’t it? It’s like that. Can I follow all the comments? So that’s what the message means.
〔44:15〕Well, I haven’t calculated that much, but well, most of the money I earned is sent to the distribution. With that equipment and costumes. The use of money is, after all, the server fee of the official website, the monthly fee of Nico Nico, and that, hmm, the camera and clothes, isn’t it? I have already used hundreds of thousands. I bought a monitor, and my savings are declining. I was wondering what I was using it for, but I bought a lot of clothes, and I haven’t been able to show them off yet, so I have a lot of them. I buy small items for ASMR and spend money like that. I will not keep my money overnight. I don’t have that kind of principle, though. I don’t have much resistance to spending money on distribution, and it seems like I usually use it.
〔46:35〕From Colombia. Thank you. Oh yeah, you can see the whole, especially the legs, on the yuotube side. Nico Nico can see here well. Thank you. Nice to meet you.
〔47:25〕So yes, money is meaningful because you spend it. About money … Well, I’m telling my family about the money. I’m telling my family that all the money I received from the spacha, fantia, ci-en, donate, etc. will be used for distribution. Well, if youtube’s advertising revenue is stable, I feel like I can do that.
〔48:15〕Oh yeah, that’s right. Can you see it from the niconico camera, my back? From an angle? Like this? I think it can also be seen on youtube.
〔48:55〕Oh yeah. It costs a lot of money for microphones, computer peripherals, and so on. The more you invest, the better the quality of delivery.
〔49:20〕I feel like it’s Chinese. Or rather Hong Kong.
〔49:30〕Oh yeah money turns the economy, it turns the economy a lot. If you can turn the economy, turn the economy.
〔49:50〕I’m not ashamed. I wonder if there is no shame. But it depends. I’m a little nervous when I play a role in a situation or something. My acting ability is a little immature, so I get nervous, but I’m not embarrassed.
〔50:25〕Oh yeah donate system is all together. I have a policy or principle that I use the income from support services for distribution.
〔50:45〕Good evening. All right, all right. I do not really get it. I don’t really understand the meaning of the word “afford”, but it’s okay. From Belgium. Thank you.
〔51:15〕Bonus coming soon? Is it such a time already? Let’s do our best, turn the economy. Turn the economy around and move things, services, and so on, because money is the driving force. If the economy doesn’t turn around, new products and services won’t be born. Therefore, if we do not turn the economy, human evolution will not occur, so we should turn it. I think it happens once in a while, it seems like it’s good or bad to turn the economy, but I guess I have to turn it. But what happens if you turn it? Simply put, if you don’t turn the economy, everyone will be poor. To put it the other way around, food runs out. something like that. That’s why we all want to run the economy. You don’t have to force the economy to run, but if you can afford it, it’s like
〔52:30〕That’s right, I’ll also do ASMR distribution full of acting, Kurumi-an. Please come welcome. I can’t do it. I can’t do it properly. Properly.
〔52:50〕There is a slight difference in angle. Youtube is like this, but that camera in front of you, youtube. But the niconico camera looks like this. Understand? Understand? There is such an angle. This angle. I think it was hard to understand.
〔53:20〕Is that so true? Is my posture good? It may be said that the spine is very straight.
〔53:35〕Me? I love Hello Kitty. I also like My Melody. I do not have it. I do not have it. I haven’t had a chance to buy it recently.
〔54:10〕It’s okay, thank you. Kurumin-an is a little nervous.But when I feel better, I don’t feel nervous at all. I’m nervous until it starts.
〔54:25〕Thank you. I’m happy. Thank you.
〔55:05〕We will deliver the “absolute area”. It’s always an “absolute area”. It is always an “absolute area” delivery.
〔55:25〕I’ll listen to ASMR. I hear a lot of other people. I listen to a lot and study. Woon. As with my ASMR distribution, there are requests, chats, courses, and first person, but somebody is doing it. Because I’m trying to see various people and try myself. There are many similar things.
〔56:25〕The color of the niconico camera comes out better. Um, the color of youtube is not good. Yes, the color is not good.
〔56:40〕It’s not cold at all right now, it’s really hot. I’m sweating a lot. I feel the humidity. Mowa, Mowa. It gets stuffy.
〔57:00〕It was good. Thank you. It’s a first-person chat. First person chat.
〔57:30〕That’s right. That’s right. For the time being, I think I should try it for the time being. Oh yeah completely original difficult. It’s not completely original, rather than difficult. I just do what I want to do. I was originally a live streamer who was chatting. I want to try ASMR, so I started doing it. Well, I’m pretty particular about it. Well, I wonder what to say, but I think that ASMR is a two-dimensional illustration, and most of the time there are two-dimensional characters and cute girls with voices. like yTuber. So I’m wondering if it’s okay to do it like I did. I don’t think it’s wrong. I started thinking it was okay, and here I am. It seems that “absolute realm” is absolutely necessary, and must be, because of my insistence. There is such a feeling. So there is absolutely an “absolute area”. It’s a theme, it’s like myseif. It’s not the original, though. I am such a person. I’m a youtuber or Nico Nico Liver who specializes in “absolute area”.
〔59:50〕It’s really the performance of the camera. Well, I messed with the settings, but it didn’t work after all. It can’t match this Nico Nico camera. There was no setting to be together.
〔1:00:10〕Thanks for coming. Can you be healed by my voice? I’m glad it was good. I’m glad you said that.
〔1:00:35〕Because of the busyness of that real life, I can’t really make a cycle. At that time, various things will change. Even the time to wake up is different. I have never measured the editing time. Taking thumbnails as an example, you can do it quickly when you can, but when you can’t, you have to worry for a long time. It can take an hour or so, just make a thumbnail. Editing depends on the video, so the time is quite different. Well, I edit it, make thumbnails, create detailed sentences, give them to Fantia, re-encode videos, and so on. For example, when I was running out of time after working on various things, I realized that I had to take a picture of the wallpaper, and I ended up saying, “Oh, I don’t have enough time.” It’s like that every day.
〔1:01:40〕I’m not good at it, but the most understandable foreign language is English. English is the language that I can understand and speak the most.
〔1:02:05〕Thank you. Thank you for listening when you study.
〔1:02:15〕Thank you for always listening. It’s really hot. It’s really hot. I’m sweating all the time during the delivery.
〔1:02:25〕ASMR, I really like listening. It’s like listening to someone else’s ASMR and trying to make the sound even better in my own distribution.
〔1:02:55〕English is the most familiar in Japan.
〔1:03:00〕really? really? Really? But after all, something that has been decided, well, to put it simply, it’s a theme, but if you don’t decide on one, that listener won’t understand well. Now that you can choose from a variety of things, you can see what you really want to see. Perhaps each has a specialized theme, and that’s the key to seeing it or not. Although there are various channels. Under such circumstances, I am doing various things, but I think that one of my themes was “absolute area”.Well, I’m not specialized in ASMR, though. I also play games and other things. Among the various things I’m doing, one common theme is “absolute area”. Because of that, there is absolutely, “absolute area”. Without this, I wouldn’t be me. It’s like that.
〔1:04:40〕That’s why English is the most familiar in Japan. I’ve been doing it since elementary school now. I think it’s really the longest. I think that many people have been studying English for the longest time in Japan. That’s why I think many people understand English. Many people study in junior high school and high school, though I haven’t even reached high school level.
〔1:05:25〕Thanks for coming.
〔1:05:35〕Earphones sometimes hurt my ears, so I have to be careful. When sleeping while listening to ASMR.
〔1:05:50〕What is the temperature in the room? I don’t know because the room doesn’t have a thermometer. It’s really hot during the streaming. It’s not cold even in the middle of winter. That’s why it’s ASMR season. In the summer, I have to use the air conditioner, and if I don’t use it, the temperature will be very high, and then the sound of the air conditioner will enter this microphone very much. It’s going to go in so much, so it’s going out as noise. But if I improve the quality of the interface I’m using now, I wonder if the noise will be reduced a little.
〔1:06:55〕I need to save some money left over. I’m about to have enough money to buy black ears. I’m wondering which I should buy first, the interface or the black ears. I’m a little worried about whether to buy black ears or a slightly more expensive interface first. Woon. I think the performance of this microphone itself is good enough. Even with white ears. So I wonder if it’s better to buy an interface. Woon.
〔1:07:55〕Be careful not to squeeze your neck with the cord.
〔1:08:05〕Did you read it correctly? When I took the limited video of Bilibili, I tried my best to read it, but I forgot it.
〔1:08:20〕Really, it’s not cold. Even this look is hot. I’m fine, thank you. But I think it will be cold after the streaming. Maybe it’s cold, because this kind of movement of mine stops at once. When the streaming is over, pita. I think it will be cold, once the delivery is over. It’s really fast, time goes by. But I get cold easily. I get cold easily. Ah, when it’s a little cold, my body gets cold and I feel sick, and I have to wear socks or something. It feels like it makes me feel uncomfortable when my legs get cold. It’s really useless when it’s cold. There was a time when I couldn’t deliver because of the cold, so I just waited for a while until I got used to the cold and told everyone. I really hate the cold. It’s okay if it’s hot. However, I don’t like it because it makes me feel uncomfortable while getting sticky with sweat during streaming. It’s best if it’s cold during streaming. Because I’m not cold. I’m sure this room itself tends to get hot, it’s only about 6 and a half tatami mats, it has that computer, it has two monitors, and it has a lot of lighting. The camera also has a fever. The camera gets really hot. Both here and there. The camera gets really hot. It’s just that I move a lot, so I breathe in and out, so it’s like oxygen is converted and it gets hot.
〔1:10:55〕Thank goodness.
〔1:11:05〕Yeah, it’s really hot. That’s why it’s really that, uh, I think it’s cold in the room, and I think it’s cold even if I don’t go out. I think it’s really cold.
〔1:11:40〕You want be scratched ? Like this? Stay tuned for Part 2. I’ll do a lot Part 2
〔1:12:05〕People who are strong against the cold are nice. Yup. Is it even vulnerable to heat? Which one is better? No, I think it’s better to be strong against the cold. I wonder if I will hibernate if I’m vulnerable to the cold. When it gets cold. It doesn’t move when it’s cold, and when it gets warm, it starts to move. I think it’s a bug. I feel like that. 16 ℃ is cold, 16 ℃ is truly. I don’t think the room temperature has dropped so much. I don’t think it will go to 16 ℃.
〔1:13:00〕What happened to that? What happened? What happened? camera? Alright.
〔1:13:15〕That’s right, that’s right. Thank you very much.
〔1:13:35〕I’m reading it, I’m reading it. I’m actually reading. I can’t read Russian. I want to be able to read it quickly. It takes time because I think and read the comments by converting them with my head.
〔1:14:10〕Hey thank you. Good evening.
〔1:14:25〕I don’t want to be a bug. Yes, I’m fine.
〔1:14:35〕Thank you. Nice to meet you. Do you want me to introduce myself? I’m surprised at the question. Birthday? My name is Otonasi-kurumi. It is delivered from somewhere. My place of residence is on the net. My birthday is March 11th. Game distribution, radio, drawing, etc. I’m an “absolute domain distributor” who is doing various things such as ASMR and such chats.
〔1:15:25〕I also have a hard time speaking English.
〔1:15:45〕That’s right, that’s right. Nice to meet you. Thanks for coming. Spanish or something. Can I pronounce it properly?
〔1:16:10〕Yes, it is an “absolute domain distributor”. Power word. Power word. It is “zetairyoikikeihaisinsiya”. Thank you. But I really feel like that. I feel like that. To describe me in one word, it’s an “absolute domain distributor”. But for many people I’m an ASMR person. I think there are many people who are ASMR or think that they are ASMR distributors. The real theme is “absolute realm”. The real theme is “absolute realm”. Well, although ASMR is done by distribution. If it is the most pleasing, I will do it the most. I want to be careful not to get angry youtube. I had got really angry him once. That was a problem. I thought youtube got angry.
〔1:17:40〕Thank you for the heart mark.
〔1:17:50〕In Part 2, in Part 2, it’s more authentic, I want to do ASMR in the first person. This kind of sound, this kind of sound. I don’t know if I’ll do the sound of water.
〔1:18:25〕Yes, the sound of Pocari.
〔1:18:40〕Thanks for coming. I can only say that it was decided like this. really.
〔1:19:05〕ASMR is really amazing, it feels good. I really think. really. The brain feels fluffy, something strange. like this. It’s just a sound, but I’m addicted to it. Like this. I was addicted to it because I thought it was amazing.
〔1:19:45〕Time goes by quickly.
〔1:19:50〕I think it’s okay, but really. Also, if youtube specifies the video as R-18, you will have to delete it immediately. That’s why the video disappears. At that time, I will go over there. I will go to that “Fantia”. Hey, really, like that.
〔1:20:30〕Russian is uh, that was the comment I just read. Or Woon, see you later. I wonder, it’s probably misunderstood when I say this now, so it’s in Japanese. I’d like to say that there are still a few more, but that’s difficult, that greeting. I have to remember all the simpler greetings. I have to be able to say that good evening in all languages. It’s no good. I’m not talking properly. I’m not talking properly, really. It’s amazing, isn’t it? I want to be able to read Russian quickly. Hey, now, but I haven’t been able to study a language at all. I’m just working behind the scenes. Is “you right” okay? Is it “you right” here? I’d like to say, “That’s right.”
〔1:22:15〕It’s hard work.
〔1:22:20〕Fine? Fine? Fingers, are you okay?
〔1:22:35〕Thank you very much. Thanks.
〔1:23:00〕Well, I didn’t read the listener’s name today. I haven’t read the listener’s name today, so I feel like I’m already answering. I can’t read it when there are too many people. However, since the number of people is not large to some extent, such as during “game live”, I think I can call it because I can read it. However, as the number of people increases, it will become more difficult on the way. I’m reading the name, so I’ll spend a lot of time. I don’t know if it’s one-fifth or one-fifth. If you call your name for about 20 minutes in total for about 20 minutes, I think it’s not good for distribution. I thought it would be better to talk to me than that. I don’t read when there are many people. I don’t read. It’s like that. But I’m watching the comments. I’m watching this way. It’s just read diagonally. Mostly. If I concentrate like this, I will be silent. It’s bad if I have kept silent. Good evening. Yeah, I’m watching, I’m reading.
〔1:25:05〕correct? correct? something like that.
〔1:25:25〕Do you lick the doorknob? Are you sure? I think the doorknob is really dangerous. Disinfect, disinfect. Please disinfect.
〔1:25:50〕That’s right, the video from two years ago is recommended by youtube and is ranked number one in the number of views. The camera is also of low quality and I’m being shy to say that it will be the recommended top. But still, I feel like you were able to dig up a hidden old video, and thank you for that. But if possible, I’d like to have a good camera image at the top. I wonder if earpicks will be the top one. Earpick, earpick endurance ASMR.
〔1:26:40〕Thank you. Thank you for saying that your voice is cute. Thank you for complimenting the style. I’ve put it all together. I’ve put it all together, but generally thank you for complimenting my style.
〔1:27:15〕Isn’t it wrong?
〔1:27:25〕What is this letter like “H”? Well, that’s why it’s N, isn’t it? I have to check the letters every time. Isn’t it a comment addressed to me? It was a word, so I thought I’d read it. Russian.
〔1:28:15〕What color do you like best, what color do you like? Well, I like red flowers. Is it red? I like pink, pink. I like cherry blossoms, but I like sunflowers second.
〔1:28:50〕All right? All right? Good evening.
〔1:29:00〕Please come and listen to the ASMR distribution from 10 o’clock. I’ll heal you a lot. I don’t think chatting is such a healing ingredient. ASMR is healed.
〔1:29:25〕That’s why, thank you to both the first-time visitors and regulars for coming.
〔1:29:35〕I hope this delivery is okay. If it’s not okay, if it feels like I can’t leave it on youtube, I’ll give it to Fantia and ci-en, but I have to divide the video in time. Generally, it is necessary to divide it into 40 minutes each at this bit rate and image quality. I can only make a video of about 40 minutes.
〔1:30:20〕The video time is 40 minutes or 80 minutes, up to 1 hour and 20 minutes, like that. That’s why it will be divided into three, if you stop it now. When I think about it, I think it’s better to stop after an hour, or to do it for less than two hours. Well, forgive me. Forgive me even if it is divided into three. That kind of public video is priced at 100 yen even for individual downloads by Fantia. Forgive me for a moment. That’s the minimum amount for Fantia. Because it was open to the public. It’s like that. Some videos are already up. If you post it on youtube, videos that may disappear along with the youtube channel are published and sold on Fantia and ci-en, so please do not hesitate. If you want to see it, please use either one. You can’t see it without registering, but Fantia is more convenient because it also has individual downloads. The video released to the public is set to 100 yen. It will be divided into 3 parts, but what kind of promotion is it like you can buy the divided videos for 100 yen each? No, I don’t mean to advertise it. I wanted to tell everyone where I could see the content I created, so I tried to explain it well, but I couldn’t do it, and it became like a promotion. It’s like that. It’s like that. Yes.
〔1:33:00〕So thank you for watching so far. Part 2 is uh, part 2 is from 10 o’clock. Thank you for watching the first half. So, yes, as I said earlier, Part 2 starts at 10 o’clock.
〔1:34:30〕It seems that if you only use English, you can improvise and say something like that. So, see you later. I hope everyone can understand what I mean. It was the first half of a long time like that. First-person chat in the first half. niconico is a first-person chat. youtube was the recording scenery of it.
〔1:35:40〕I love you who saw the first half.