2020.10.24 Request Chatting (First about 30 minutes)

[6:09] The monetization of my channel on youtube has been disabled, and it’s because the R-18 is big, but maybe.
[6:27] Like that. Recently, my video archive has been set to R-18.
[6:39] I’m protesting every time. Well, I’m sorry, but I wonder if I’m requesting reexamination or if I’m protesting, I’ll do that, eh,
[6:58] The answer was that it didn’t violate the community guidelines, but the R-18 wouldn’t change.
[7:14] I was wondering if it would be okay if it didn’t violate the community guidelines, but it’s different.
[7:25] It feels like you can post a video on youtube that it doesn’t violate it, which is good, but monetization is not good.
[7:39] I can’t put ads on the R-18, once it’s set.
[7:46] That’s why it seems that monetization is invalidated when there is a lot of content that can not be advertised.
[7:57] What a real deal.
[8:09] It’s been disabled and I’m kicking the R-18.
[8:13] I think I can reapply one month later in the second half of November.
[8:25] That’s why I can’t monetize until then, so membership has stopped and I’m sorry for the inconvenience to the members.
[8:35] The comment is always displayed.
[8:42] I’m really sorry that the color is gone and the badge is gone.
[8:48] It would have been okay if I had healthier live streams.
[8:55] That’s not what I’m aiming for.
[9:01] I’m aiming for a little bit, like a boy’s manga with that kind of good feeling, because I’m aiming for a live stream that makes everyone cheerful.
[9:24] Thanks for coming.
[9:29] That’s why it’s ASMR, though.
[9:39] Well it has been disabled.
[9:43] Isn’t this a reliance on youtube membership because it’s disabled?
[9:56] There are places where it’s impossible anymore, so I’ll continue.
[10:04] I was a little wondering that it would be impossible to take measures to eliminate the sudden stop.
[10:18] Because I filed a request for reexamination, but the monetization was invalidated before the reply came.
[10:31] It’s a one-sided feeling because it’s judged mechanically before it’s judged.
[10:39] The date was just the closing date for earnings. I wonder if the decision was made earlier in terms of time.
[10:57] So I didn’t think what to do after all.
[11:13] I’m not sure if Channel BAN will be done soon.
[11:18] That’s why I took measures. Thank you for coming a lot.
[12:23] Take measures, that’s it.
[12:32] If you do it only with the youtube membership system, you will not receive any benefits when you suddenly stop, so you can not see it.
[12:48] So I created an account on two donation sites, Fantia and Ci-en.
[13:20] Some videos are already up. I wanted to make those two alternatives to membership.
[13:31] I’ll give you the same membership as youtube.
[13:37] It’s like giving you what was made into R-18 on youtube.
[13:43] So I’ll give it on youtube for the time being, but I can’t leave it as R-18, so delete it.
[13:55] I’ll move the video to Fantia or Ci-en.
[13:57] So you don’t know if there are three, after all. Membership, Fantia, Ci-en, these three.
[14:17] You’ll wonder which one is better after all. You’ll be wondering what to do.
[14:24] The youtube community is hard to see and flows. You’re in trouble.
[14:46] That’s why I made my official website, which I had been thinking of making for a long time.
[14:57] I created an account with Fantia and Ci-en, and also created my own official website.
[15:10] Like that, if you touch the donation of the activity on the official website, you can see it.
[15:32] There is a link on youtube in the detailed description.
[15:41] I can see it.
[15:51] Look at it. There is an explanation there.
[16:08] Since there is an explanation, there are also three comparisons, so I think it will be easier to understand.
[16:26] Please take a look at it.
[16:34] I also wrote a guideline for usage below that.
[17:02] Viewers should have a youtube membership, but it’s the cheapest.
[17:34] But it’s cheap, so it’s unstable, the content disappears, and it stops. It is unstable because it is cheap.
[17:49] I wonder if there are two stable ones, Fantia and Ci-en.
[17:59] I recommend Fantia because I can download my videos. It’s the most expensive.
[18:09] I think it’s better for members to move to Fantia, maybe.
[18:23] My live stream is long, so I’ll definitely split it. That’s hard. That’s it.
[18:39] It’s a story after the membership is revived, but I’m thinking of a new plan that is like a participation ticket for member-only live streams. I’m planning to make something like a member-only live participation for 290 yen.
[19:21] All of that is written on the website, so please take a look if you like.
[19:30] I created a support account, an official website, and two youtube subchannels. Two.
[19:56] The reason why I made it is that it is easy to understand. I think my live stream is divided into those who want to see live-action films and those who want to see various things.
[20:20] That’s why I made two, “Otonashi Kurumi Real”, which deals only with live-action, and “Otonashi Kurumi 2D”, which never shows live-action.
[20:38] Basically, it’s like giving a video of the main channel to that. Today’s delivery is also divided.
[20:51] First, go up to the main (youtube and Nico Nico live stream), and the live-action will go up to the main of youtube and “Otonashi Kurumi Real”.
[21:13] Only audio goes up to the main channel and “Otonashi Kurumi 2D”.
[21:26] It’s very difficult to manage, but I think I have to do this.
[21:35] Because the main channel is going to be BAN someday, isn’t it? Really. It’s in this condition.
[21:43] I’m on the road to BAN pretty well.
[21:50] First there was a live stream BAN case, then there was a deprivation of monetization, and then there was something like going to channel BAN.
[22:05] That’s why I’m wondering when it will disappear next time, so I’d like to create a sub-channel and move on to that.
[22:18] I’m sorry, I’ve got a lot of questions and requests, but please wait. Let me talk a lot now.
[22:27] It’s a title scam. But, I wanted to talk.
[22:32] For that reason, I created two sub-channels.
[22:39] I also want to deliver it properly, I really do it properly. I wish I could do each one.
[23:07] Was it a little quick? Can’t you hear it? All right? It’s already a little slow.
[23:23] I wondered if I had to do all the things I came up with like that, and for the time being, I came to a break.
[23:40] After that, I’ll upload something and work. I just have to work.
[23:48] For the time being, it feels like I’ve got a clear idea.
[23:58] I took today’s frame because I wanted to talk about what I was doing when I wasn’t delivering it.
[24:11] I don’t think I can set up a schedule as usual.
[24:47] I have to give it from now on. Live stream is difficult, so please take a look at the archives so far. I want to do it like that.
[25:15] Recently, I’ve been working all the time until 7:00 in the morning, and I’ve been reversing day and night, but I’m returning it little by little.
[25:25] I don’t feel like I’m insomniac like before.
[25:31] I feel like sleeping normally.
[25:37] It’s important not to sleep.
[25:44] To summarize what I said, membership has been suspended.
[25:57] But I made alternative places in Fantia and Ci-en.
[26:02] And I made an official website to explain it.
[26:02] In addition, I picked up two sub-channels in case the main channel was banned. that’s all.
[26:14] I look forward to working with you. That’s why the development spread at once.
[26:40] There is a menu that I plan to make on my official website soon.
[26:51] I’m thinking of recruiting volunteer staff.
[26:58] If you would like to volunteer, please feel free to join us.
[27:13] All you have to do is register as a volunteer. I don’t have to register.
[27:19] I’m thinking of making such a thing, so please think about it.
[27:29] Even if it’s a little bit, you can help with anything.
[27:33] Unfortunately, there is nothing you can’t do.
[27:43] Please think about it. I am honestly worried that it will be a personal event and will not turn around without the help of everyone.