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Since the YouTube membership has been suspended twice, this is a support site that uploads videos that cannot be posted on YouTube and videos that are only available to YouTube members.

I have received feedback that the previous support sites such as Fantia and Ci-en were difficult to use for people living outside of Japan, so I opened this site to make it easier for people outside of Japan to use. I look forward to working with you. (Patreon is available in seven languages.)

Also, since the site is new, the contents are currently less than those of Fantia and Ci-en, but in the future, the same contents as Fantia and Ci-en will be available, so please look forward to it.

There are two plans available: $5.50 (plus your credit card company’s exchange rate) and $13.20 (plus your credit card company’s exchange rate). The $5.50 plan is available for those who wish to watch the exclusive videos only, and the $13.20 plan is available for those who wish to watch the behind-the-scenes videos (impressions from the delivery of the exclusive videos, preparation for the delivery, etc.) in addition to the exclusive videos.

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The two plans I offer are shown above. Click on Join for the plan you wish to use and register for a patreon account. The entrance to Patreon is at the bottom of this page.

How to use

●Patreon does not have a back number system, so in order to maintain fairness with Fantia and Ci-en, a viewing period may be set for content that has been published for a certain period of time. Please understand this in advance. In the future, we are considering creating a plan that allows viewing of content that has passed its viewing period, as well as individual viewing of content.

●Please note that you need to register an account with Patreon before you can use the plan, regardless of whether you are a creator or a supporter. Enter the required information on the sign-up page, and click “sign up” to proceed to the registration page for creators. Since this is for creators, please check at least one box before proceeding. After you complete the registration, you will receive a confirmation email to the email address you registered.

●Once you have confirmed your registration, enter Kurumi Otonashi Official in the “Find a creator” field to go to the creator’s top page. Select “Join” for the plan you want to watch. The screen will move to the payment settings.

●In the payment settings, first check the plan usage fee at the top. After confirming that the screen is correct, please enter your credit card information.

●The total amount to be paid will be the amount shown for each plan plus the exchange rate set by your credit card company.

●To cancel your Patreon membership, please make sure to cancel the membership of the creator you have supported. If you do not cancel your membership, your monthly payment will be automatically generated. If you do cancel your membership, please check your credit card statement to make sure you are not in trouble.
(Please check the details of Patreon yourself for plan usage and its suspension, and withdrawal from Patreon)

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