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YouTube membership is an additional service in the form of subscription. Because the videos I uploaded before contained too many “sexy” parts, the channel membership has been stopped twice, so in the future (after January 2021), I think only all-age content can be provided on YouTube. Even so, it is still possible that channel members will be stopped because of YouTube’s judgment. Please forgive me.

I prepared the following contents for channel members.

🦋+ Custom emoticons, etc. (190 yen/month)
🌻 Member only badge beside your name in my channel
🌻 Use custom emoticons when sending comments in my channel
🌻 See some limited messages in the channel community
🌻 Watch videos in advance

🦋+ Participate in Member only live streaming, etc. (290 yen/month)
🌻 All contents in lower ranks plan
🌻 Watches Member only Live streaming

🦋+ Limited Video, etc. (490 yen/month)
🌻 uses all member special canon of lower level
🌻 All contents in lower ranks plan
🌻 Watch archives of member only live streaming

🦋+ Inside stage, etc. (1190 yen/month)
🌻 All contents in lower ranks plan
🌻 watches NG clips and videos belong to Inside stage
🌻 Download member only wallpaper

“Watch videos in advance” is a special edition that can watch the video a week earlier than the general public date. Because of this, you will see some messages earlier .

Member only videos also include archives of member only live streaming. At present, I upload about 2 member only videos in one month, and conduct 2 member only live streaming. In the future, the number will be increased or decreased depending on the situation.

In addition, member only video has content similar to “whisper besides”, and the new clothes public for the first time. In all, it is an extension of the general live broadcast, which can be thought of as being able to come into contact with more content than the general live broadcast.

“Inside stage” can see the video which wad cutted off before and scenes of practice.

Wallpapers are currently posted once a month. Most will be available in both vertical and horizontal versions

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Note. This translation is for reference only. If you have any problems in interpretation, please refer to original text .