Guide to Fantia (how to use)

Japanese →Chinese(simplified/traditional)

This tutorial will explain 3 aspects from Fantia account registration, payment and use of membership, please refer to this tutorial patiently, if you have any questions, you can consult

at any time. (Special remind: Because the membership in Fantia is very different from Youtube, you can only view the current month’s content, and you need to pay for the previous month’s content again if you want to see previous month’s content. And if your membership was disabled, you won’t be able to see all the months you have bought.)

1.Instruction Of 投稿

①Go back to Kurumi’s homepage, click【投稿】to see all the contents that Kurumi had uploaded. And select one content which you like to see the details. Remember, the membership in Fantia is different from Youtube, it was paid month by month and you can only see the contents of month that you have ordered. For example, if you pay for membership this month, you can only see this month’s contents. If you want to see the pervious month’s contents, you need to buy previous month’s membership. (If you need to buy past month’s membership, please read 3. Instruction Of Past Membership)

②When you enter the detail page of a content, you can watch, comment and even download the video ( Please do not re-upload the video, just watch it by yourself, thank you for your support! )

2. Instruction Of Goods

①Click【商品】to enter the goods page. If you just want to watch a single video instead of buy a whole month membership, you are recommended to buy this video as a goods. To be able to buy a goods, you need to join the「無料プラン」(free) membership. Even though you cancel your membership, you could watch and download this video whenever you like. Because you own this video forever, its price would be a bit high.

②Select a goods that you want to buy, click 【カートに入れる】to add this goods to your cart

③If it shows 「決済方法の選択へ」(select your way to pay), you are recommended to read last tutorial【How to join the membership】

④Confirm your order detail, click 「ご注文を確定する」to pay.

⑤You can see the video and download it in the page after you finish your payment. ( Please do not re-upload the video, thank you for your support)

Click your profile photo which is on the upper right corner, click 【注文履歴·発送状況】in the dropdown menu, you are able to check the videos that you had bought in there.

After clicking the goods, you could also play the video or download it.

3.Instruction Of Past Membership

You can view all the past month’s contents by clicking 【バックナンバー】. As the picture shows, you can choose different month and different membership level to buy and click 【カートに入れる】to buy it. Please remember, if your membership didn’t renew in time or you change your level to the free level, you won’t be able to see any month’s membership contents that you bought before.

Thanks for your reading!

The End.