Guide to fantia (become a channel member)

Japanese →Chinese(simplified/traditional)

This tutorial will explain 3 aspects from Fantia account registration, payment and use of membership, please refer to this tutorial patiently, if you have any questions, you can consult( any time. (Special remind: Because the membership in Fantia is very different from Youtube, you can only view the current month’s content, and you need to pay for the previous month’s content again if you want to see previous month’s content. And if your membership was disabled, you can’t see all the months you have bought.)

1.Fantia account registration (If you already have a Fantia account, you can jump to 2. A brief description of three membership level, and how to join)

①As shown in the illustration, click the 【新規アカウント登録】button to enter the registration page.

②Enter your email address in the input box on the left, then click 「確認メールを送信」 ( Recommended:use twitter account to log in which is on the right, it’s easier to use)

③Go to check your email, click on the link of the email you just received and complete the confirmation.

④Set password for your account

⑤click【規約に同意して登録する】 to complete the registration.

⑥Open Kurumi’s homepage link [] and click on [ファンになる] to jump to the membership page.

2. A brief description of three membership level, and how to join

☆A brief description of three membership level


・Be able to receive the latest news and some sample selfie

【+限定動画など】980 JPY/Month:

・member only live streaming archive
・Short talks after the live streaming
・Member only video which is a bit more sexy than normal live streaming

【+舞台裏など】1490 JPY/Month:

・Including the contains which the previous two memberships contain
・Videos that behind the scenes
・Videos that cannot be uploaded to YouTube and personal edited videos.
・Member only selfie

⑦How to join

Select the level you want to join, for example 【+限定動画など】, click【ファンになる】

⑧click 【新しいクレジットカードを登録】

⑨enter your credit card information and click 【次へ進む】

⑩Check the details of your order, and if it is correct, click【ご注文を確定する】to complete your purchase.

Now you have joined the membership, welcome to Kurumi’s Fantia club~