Differences between each support site

Japanese →Chinese(simplified/traditional)

 site+use member limited stickers+member limited videos+”舞台裏” limited videos+join member limited live streaming
contrast volume
 siteBack numberstreamingdownloadsingle availablejoin member limited live streamingrating
YouTube(membership)××all age
Comparison of individual services (* R18 is just for convinience, as it’s different from adult content such as nudity)

All-age contents from YouTube membership can also be viewed in Fantia and Ci-en. Fantia and Ci-en may divide the a video into several videos due to the limitation of video size.

 Because my account was divided to R-18 on Ci-en, minors cannot use Ci-en’s service. In addition, live-action with sexual suggestiveness is prohibited in Ci-en, so some videos will not be uploaded to Ci-en.

siteImage qualityPriceStabilitySize
Comparison(* The cheaper service was marked triangle as it’s to see some contents)

how to make a decision

 If you can be satisfied by all-age contents,I think the YouTube membership may be a good choice。Without “back number” means you can see all the contents if you are a member. However, it is possible that movies will be deleted because they are judged by YouTube as “containing pornographic content”. In addition, the size of the limited wallpaper will be smaller than the original size.

 If you want to see all the contents stably,I recommend YouTube membership「+限定ライブ参加」&Fantia’s「+舞台裏など」. As Fantia can download the video with original size. However, if you want to watch the content before the month you joined, you had to charge an extra “back number(+ 限定動画: 980 yen, + 舞台裏: 1490 yen)”.

 For example, if you have a certain amount of videos that you want to watch, such as cosplay, micro-mini, ASMR, etc., we recommend that you use the individual sales of Fantia. Each video can be purchased from 100 yen to 500 yen. This is more expensive than the monthly plan, so please be careful if you have many videos you want to watch. Also, please note that there are some videos that are not sold individually.

 In Ci-en, It’s hard to post some videos without blur edition. The contents there will be less than fantia and more than YouTube Membership. Beg for your understanding.

In addition, I am gradually posting videos that are not for all ages that were previously posted on YouTube to Fantia and Ci-en. These videos will be re-posted on YouTube for a limited time, but if you want to watch them whenever you want, you can use my other sites.

Patreon is a site which face to fans who can understand english. The contents which I’ll post there will be same as fantia from now on.


 If you only want to watch videos for all ages, then YouTube membership is the way to go, if you want to focus on quality and stability, then Fantia is the way to go, and if you want to focus on cost performance, then Ci-en is the way to go.

 However, if you are hesitate to make decision, I strongly recommend Fantia. They are very tolerant of sexual content (I don’t take my clothes off), so it is very unlikely that my videos will be deleted, and you can download the original high quality files, so even if your account or the site itself is deleted, you can still enjoy my videos.