My Ci-en

Japanese →Chinese(simplified/traditional)

As my YouTube monetization has been disabled twice, I think it’s hard to upload parts of videos(maybe a little bit sexy) on YouTube. The Ci-en is used as one of the replacements of YouTube membership contents.

The price of Ci-en is the same as that of YouTube. In addition, videos can be played online. In Ci-en, the content is set to R-18 in classification, so minors cannot use it.

Although it is cheaper than Fantia, which is also a support website, videos in Ci-en with some sexual descriptions get deleted recently by Ci-en official, also it got blurred. The content of Ci-en now is YouTube membership contents + limited videos with blur edition if I’m lucky to get forgived to post them. I beg your understanding.

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⚠️About payment

●The payment will happened at the end of each month between 21:00 and 00:00.
 ・The instant payment only happened at the first time when you joined the plan, and the next payment is on the assigned time.
 ・Anytime you joined the plan, you can see all the contents uploaded in this month.

●You can change the plan or stop supporting at any time.
 ・It’s free to change to the lower plan at any time.
 ・If you want to change to the upper plan, you just need to pay the price between two plans.

●If you have supported on this month, you can still view the content of this month even after stopping the support.
 ・Even if the support is stopped, the submission content of the supported month can still be viewed normally.
 ・If the support is stopped in the middle of the month, you can still watch all the contents of the whole month.


●Ci-en is not a store

 ・Ci-en is a platform for supporting creators.

 ・Ci-en will not review the plan, users and creators.

●About Payment
 ・Ci-en supports “Credit Card Payment” and “DL Point Payment”.
 ・Credit cards available: VISA, MasterCard, JCB
DL Point Payment: Credit Card V Preca (Bank Free Credit Card), Electronic Ticket, Online Banking, Convenience Store Payment, Bank Transfer (Online Banking), Docomo Mobile Payment, WebMoney, BitCash, Yahoo! Wallet

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